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Modern Built-in for Teen's Bedroom on a Budget

We bought our house almost a year ago. It's a 1983 ranch style house with a lot of room for updating. We knew that the first room we would tackle was my 14 year old's room. We knew if we didn't do his room first we would never get around to doing it and he'd be grown and gone before we got around to getting it done.

Good thing it was a pretty clean slate, but not very big, it's your basic 10 x 10' room. We needed to create some built in organization, a study and entertainment area for him to do school work and a gaming area.

First thing first, add some color. We agreed on one wall in Hague Blue No. 30 and a trip to IKEA. We found these trestles and the "desk top" (it's a long pantry cabinet door) in the scratch and dent area for a few bucks.

As you can see the the trestles were too wide. A little slicing and dicing to adjust to size and we were in business, which was perfect because the door opens right into the desk area so we needed it to be as slim as possible. We achorned the legs to the desktop with leg brackets and added a 1x3 under for support.

Since the desk was not attached to wall. We moved it out of the way in order to install the tv mount. I hate visible wires. We picked up this recessed cable plate. You cut a whole up under the tv and another one next to your outlet, wires are now inside the wall and the you screw in these plates so your holes are finished! Super easy!

Another trip to IKEA for some shelving. Once again we got lucky and found some shelves in the scratch & dent area. They looked like the were supposed to be inside of a cabinet so the edges were unfinished. A little paint did the trick, and instead of installing the brackets under the shelving we installed them upside down for a more modern look.

A trip to Goodwill for some storage baskets and bins and a custom Supreme wood sign to finish up for now.

Now I will continue to look for a little greenery, a modern desk chair and white filing cabinet for storage to finish off the space.

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