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Mechanical Handy Man meets Savvy Treasure Hunter


After dating for a few months, I convinced Troy to go thrift store shopping with me to show him my skills. He was a skeptic and didn’t believe that my incredible finds were as great as I said they were. I’d like to say that it only took one trip for him to see what I saw, but that wasn’t the case. Instead he walked around wondering how and why I would ever bring anything home from that place, let alone pay for it.


Shortly after my mom’s neighbor had an estate sale and I became the proud owner of a set of old Tiki masks. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. I wanted to give them to Troy for his beach themed house! I took them over to him and he didn’t see what I saw. I cleaned them up, painted them, and hung them up in his place. Clearly this won him over because when I brought home a dresser from that same estate sale, a few months after we had moved in together, he was ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work on it with me. It took two entire weekends to strip, sand, repair, and stain the beloved dresser and in that time, we discovered a few things about each other. Troy was not only mechanical, he was also very handy, and I have an eye for color, trends, and creative display. And we both realized that we loved working together and that we were a pretty kick ass team!

It didn’t take long before we had cleared out the garage and start hunting for any kind of junk to try out our combined skills on. I wanted a wood frame in Spanish and since I couldn’t find one, Troy decided to make one. It was that piece that united us on what we could create. We started making frames with quotes from funny sayings, to inspirational thoughts, to Spanish terms, and we were having fun doing it. We were learning how to work with different tools, stains, material, and machines. And we were doing it all together. Troy’s wheels were always turning, and he’d had several business ideas, but hadn’t ever pulled the trigger on any of them. I’ve always been inspired to find and create something unique but never thought of it as a business idea. But with Troy as my business partner, his constant encouragement, and his knack for building, we decided that we should take my talent for finding inspiration anywhere, my creative juices, and my willingness to learn just about anything, and make it into more than just a hobby.

We started EmRose Avenue because we wanted to use our talents, work together, and make a mark in our community while having fun doing it. And we feel so blessed because we are doing just that!



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